Khudoberdi Kholiknazarov: The Islamic revival Party tries to speak on behalf of the UTO, which fundamentally is wrong

July 4, 2015 14:14

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Dushanbe, 04.07.2015. (NIAT «Khovar»). – Interview with the Director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, candidate of Historical Sciences, Khudoberdi Kholiknazarov.

– General Agreement on peace and national accord, concluded in 1997 with the United Tajik Opposition (UTO) had been fully implemented. What do you think about this?

Khudoberdi Kholiknazarov: General Agreement on peace and national accord, consisting of 7 Protocols, 1 Provision and 1 Agreement has been implemented. According to these protocols, migrants and refugees have returned to their Home and began a quiet life.
For the implementation of the signed protocols established the National reconciliation commission and its Chairman was appointed head of the UTO, the late Said Abdullo Nuri.
Representatives of the UTO entered to the Government of the Republic according to 30% quota. UTO armed forces were integrated into the armed forces of Tajikistan. Parties and organizations, whose activities were banned during the period of the confrontation, after the submission of their statements to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic, re-started their political activities. Such were the Islamic Revival Party, the Democratic party of Tajikistan and other organizations. It should be noted that these parties participated in the parliamentary elections of 2000 and from the Islamic Revival Party was elected a few people.
Also the UTO representatives, which were included in the Government for 30% of quota in 1998 and have proven thier competence, are still working at various levels in the structures of the Government. Thus, this Agreement was fully and comprehensively implemented.

-Today some leaders of the IRPT expressed claim that this Agreement is not fully implemented, peace and unity in Tajikistan are reflected in a unilateral perspective?

Khudoberdi Kholiknazarov: As I commented on the first issue, the Agreement was fully implemented, so if they have doubts about any parts of it, please, they can present a specific claim. In the matter of a unilateral display of peace and unity, they are based on those movies that are shown on TV, where as if not reflected the role of the opposition. These words are baseless because in all of the films on the theme of inter-Tajik negotiations, as well as in all programs show the presence of UTO, in particular its deceased leader Said Abdullo Nuri.
It should be noted that today the IRP tries to speak on behalf of the UTO, which fundamentally is wrong. It is known that in Tajik peace negotiations, UTO consisted of two representatives of the Islamic Revival Party, two representatives of the Democratic party of Tajikistan, two representatives of the Coordinating centre for the democratic forces of Tajikistan, one representative of the organization «La’li Badakhshon» and one representative of Tajik migrants. That is, as a whole. The IRP in the negotiations had only two representatives, representing 25%. Today’s statement of the current leadership of the IRP on behalf of the UTO testified their hypocrisy.

– What do you understand by unilateral peace and is it correct to use that term?

Khudoberdi Kholiknazarov: Actually, the truce cannot be unilateral, if it was so, then reconciliation would not have taken place. They talk about the displaying of unilateral peace, but we say that these words are baseless because in all the books that are written, in the speeches of the Head of State, wherever it comes to national unity, against the former opposition manifested the highest respect, and at that time also to be treated as a respected side. The Government side appealed to them as to the distinguished side which is a rarity in the science of conflict resolution. So, the truce cannot be unilateral, as I recall, the truce is bilateral. Documentary films shown on television, are historical films about the situation of the 90-ies of XX century in Tajikistan, and those parts of the films on the inter-Tajik negotiations, in fact, accurately reflect the contribution of the opposite side.

– Members of the former UTO of Tajikistan were not only the revivalists, but also members of other parties in the country. So why the IRP today makes claim about the contribution of the party in the signing of the General Agreement on Peace and National Accord?

Khudoberdi Kholiknazarov: As it was mentioned, today no one has right to claim and speak on behalf of the UTO. Each political party, freely operating in our Republic, as the IRP, must conduct its activity on the basis of the Law «On political parties», as it was in the past two decades. In these three five-year IRP was a part of Parliament, they have their own magazine, which is constantly being published, and where they criticize the Government, but to them no one makes the claim. For we think that the opposition, certainly, has the right to criticize, and let the critics, but criticism should be reasonable and not contrary to the Constitution and other laws. Many magazines due to the violation of the Law have been closed, but the magazine of IRP «Najot» is still published.
Now we know that the Tajik society said goodbye to all remains of the civil war and the Soviet period. The results of the parliamentary elections in 2015 testify that the people reached a new level of political culture and no longer approve the conservative opinions. People characterized by new thought, new consciousness, a new behavior and a new vision for the future. The reality is that people no longer recognizes religious and atheistic party. Now people are more interested in secular freedom. From the results of the election, we came to the conclusion that the people of Tajikistan appreciate Peace and Independence. People cannot be fooled by the tales about this light or a different light. They need real programs and activities of political parties and the Government. In 2015 the people have a preference for creation, peace, stability and the strengthening of National Unity.
The political culture of nation has reached such a level that political provocation and slander can no longer lead astray development, creation and progress.

July 4, 2015 14:14

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