The President of Tajikistan is worthy of the throne of Jamshid

March 29, 2016 17:51

(Opinion of Kuwaiti young man about Navruz celebration)

Dushanbe, 29.03.2016. (NIAT “Khovar”). – Mohammed Nadeem Al-Rahimi, Kuwaiti young man, after watching Tajikistan’s TV programs via satellite devoted to Navruz celebration said: if once again we return to history and unite all the Aryan state, then the one who is worthy of Jamshid’s throne is the President of Tajikistan.

So, Mohammed Nadeem Al-Rahimi’s opinions:

I, as one of the representatives of the youth of Kuwait, frankly, was fascinated by the cultural programmes of Tajikistan, devoted to celebration of Navruz. About Navruz or, forgive me Niruz, I sometimes hear from the world’s media and the last year from one media saw  that how Barack Obama congratulated the people on the occasion of Navruz holiday, and since then I have followed the celebration of this holiday. And only a year later, thanks to the program presented by the Tajik cultural figures to us, I have learned the secret of this cultural holiday. We already knew about this holiday. We always thought that it is incompatible with religion, but what I see now is absolutely different from that I knew before.

When we have learned about the beginning of the New Year for Persian-speaking peoples, we began to search programs of these countries via satellite, in order to see which countries celebrate this holiday and at what level. After we found all media, we knew that this holiday is celebrated in many countries, such as Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, India etc, but we paid attention to one thing that I would like to mention: it is that finding Tajikistan via Internet satellite, we found that one-two days before Navruz celebration the mass media of Tajikistan, such as news agencies and television networks reported about it in their programs.

Via TV channels of Tajikistan, we have seen how the people of Tajikistan are going to the centre of the celebration of this holiday. Even you built a magnificent place under the name of Navruzgoh, where the people gathered from all sides with songs and dances under the sounds of a tambourine. In other words, reigns very interesting atmosphere. I cannot believe that in a country that is not rich from the point of view of economy (of course, I mean oil and gas, as in the Gulf countries), people celebrate this festival at such level. Later I found more information that this festival has become an international holiday by the resolution of the United Nations at the initiative of Tajikistan, especially its President and other countries celebrating this holiday. Nearly few days we have been tracking this holiday and saw that the President of Tajikistan always participates in all events and I think that the homeland of Navruz, in fact, is Tajikistan, so as the head of state of Tajikistan more than the heads of other countries puts his forces in its holding and more than others takes part in its celebration. For the past two days my brother and I come to look at the theatrical Tajik cultural program, and, finally, tonight, it has taken place.

Arab people do not have exact information about Navruz, personally I until this year knew about it very little, but here it should be noted that any state which knows this festival and considers itself the heir of the thousand-year history, has the right to Navruz holiday. Really for so many decades there was no any state that its head could present this festival to the world.

In the media and modern Arab history Navruz is marked not as Navruz, but as Niruz, but as it has been noted above, after receiving information from the Internet, I have learned more about the history of this holiday and realized that actually the real name of this holiday is Navruz, i.e. new day.

While searching the Internet, I found the poems of the greatest Arab poet Abu Nuwas written 1200 years ago and it is called Navruz and not Niruz. I just want to note that if once again we return to history and unite all the Aryan state, then the one who is worthy of Jamshid’s throne is the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, as he is the successor of the traditions of ancestors, but not any other head of any other Aryan countries.

March 29, 2016 17:51

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