New plant for producing buses planned to open in Tajikistan

January 29, 2018 09:56

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Mahmadsaid Zuvaidzoda, Mayor Deputy

DUSHANBE, 29.01.2018 /NIAT “Khovar”/. In Tajikistan, it is planned the opening of a new plant for producing buses “AKIA”. It was stated on January 26 at the press conference by the First Deputy Mayor of Dushanbe city Mahmadsaid Zuvaidzoda.

He also said that on the basis of the Decree of the Mayor of Dushanbe city Rustami Emomali, a cooperation agreement was signed between the SUE “Installation of electrical transport (trolleybus) and bicycles” and the Turkish company “AKIA”, according to which, it is planned to purchase 100 buses of the above brand from Turkey. They will be collected in Tajikistan by joint efforts of Tajik and Turkish specialists.

January 29, 2018 09:56

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