Unprecedented nature of Tajikistan will be propagated in Indian movies

June 5, 2018 16:36

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Tourism Development Committee

DUSHANBE, 05.06.2018. /NIAT “Khovar”/. Chairman of Enarr Group Shhyam Singhania expressed his readiness to attract Indian filmmakers for filming in the unprecedented nature of Tajikistan.

Today, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Shirin Amonzoda met with the management of Indian Enarr Group Company. This company is investing in various sectors and has various funds in the fields of promotion, industry and agriculture.

During the meeting, Sh. Amonzoda provided information on tourism opportunities of Tajikistan, tourist destinations and historical sites.

Mr. Shhyam Singhania briefed on the activities of his company. He was surprised by watching the video tour of the country, and expressed his willingness to engage Indian filmmakers for filmmaking in such an unprecedented and beautiful nature.

Chairman of Enarr Group also expressed his interest in sponsorship of the promotion of tourism opportunities of Tajikistan in the Republic of India.

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development, in turn, informing about ecological tourism, noted that tourism destinations of Tajikistan, such as Sari Khosor, Childukhtaron (Forty girls), Garmchashma, Khoja Obi Garm, Haftkul (Seven Lake), Iskandarkul, Safed-dara and other interesting sites have the best filmmaking opportunities.

Shirin Amonzoda recommended guests to visit attractive sites of Dushanbe city and noted that “The Independent” newspaper recognized the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe city as a top 10 safe places by ensuring night security, as well as well Russian analytical agency “TourStat” included Dushanbe in top 10 most popular tourist cities of the CIS countries.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to establish mutually beneficial cooperation for the purpose of presenting opportunities, potential and tourism resources of Tajikistan, as well as to facilitate tourists’ attraction to Tajikistan.

June 5, 2018 16:36

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