“I PLAN TO TRAVEL TO BADAKHSHAN”. The foreign tourists stated that the brutal attack on the tourists cannot hinder them

July 31, 2018 15:34

DUSHANBE, 31.07.2018. /NIAT “Khovar”/. As a result of murder of four foreign tourists and injury of another three in the southern part of Tajikistan, the viewpoints of the foreign tourists in the country regarding this event is not identical, reports “Ozodi” radio.

Jordi Etsordi, a 26-year-old tourist from Holland has actually travelled only in Dushanbe and his travel to other regions of Tajikistan will now begin. Two days ago he arrived in Tajikistan through Iran and he plans after sightseeing tour to travel to China. On 30 July in an interview to “Ozodi” radio this Dutch tourist said that heard the news of murder of four tourists last night and was shocked by this act.

He said, “last night one of my friends called me from Holland and asked if I am alive? I said that I am alive. He told me that from among four foreign tourists that have died the two of them were from Holland. I could be in their place, since after three days I also travel to that spot”.

Jordi Etsordi said that he plans to travel by bicycle to Badakhshan and Murgab and then to China. This Dutch tourist added that to date he did not feel danger and would travel to Pamir by bicycle.

As we informed earlier, the accident of murder of foreign tourists occurred in Sebiston town of Danghara and as a result two tourists from the USA, one from the Netherlands and another from Switzerland died. One of these tourists died in the hospital of Danghara district.

Helen Eleska together with her husband from Germany has arrived in Tajikistan for a tour. She says that she regrets of hearing of this news, but with a focus on occurring of such accidents in other countries, an attack on tourists in Tajikistan cannot abolish the program of her sightseeing tour.

She added that such accidents are not few, such accident can occur even in Germany, and her stop in Dushanbe and not going to Badakhshan is not a solution to the problem.


“There is no family without shortcomings”    


Daniel Pozdnyakov

At present, Tajikistan is developing the types of sports tourism, mountaineering, historical and cultural, ethnographic, rafting and international hunting tourism. According to the analyses of the Committee for Tourism Development, the foreign tourists display more interest in the ecological tourism, as well as historical, cultural and ethnographic tourism.

The Badakhshan region is an attractive tourist sight which is toured by tourists on bicycles. Daniel Pozdnyakov, a tourist that came with his family from Russia, said to “Ozodi” radio that they came to Dushanbe after touring Badakhshan and there they saw a lot of tourists that travel by bicycles.

Daniel said, “it is a sin not to tour such beautiful places in Tajikistan. One should not only once, but several times travel to these sights. There are different peoples, such accident that occurred is not characteristic of this nation. The people are very kind here and were very polite to us, gave us shelter and meal, narrated interesting stories about Tajikistan. But as it is said, there is no family without shortcomings”.

July 31, 2018 15:34

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