July 31, 2018 09:30

DUSHANBE, 31.07.2018. /NIAT “Khovar”/. On 29 July 2018, approximately at 15:30, an armed group of criminals on a “Leganza” car, state registration number 74-98 BH 03, on Kulob-Dushanbe highway on the territory of Safobakhsh village of Oqsu village community of Danghara district of Khatlon province (at 81stkm) on a high speed ran into 7 foreign tourists – citizens of the United States of America, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France who were heading on bicycles from Kulob for Dushanbe city.   

After knocking them down, the criminals, with a view to killing, beat on the vitally important organs of the tourists with thrust and cutting weapons, such as big knives and axes, wounding them heavily, and fled the scene of the crime.

As a result, 4 foreign tourists – Austine Jay, Geoghegan Lauren Anne Munoz – citizens of the USA, Wokke Rene Willem – citizen of the Netherlands, Hummel Markus – citizen of Switzerland died, and another two tourists, Postma Kim Iris – citizen of the Netherlands and Diemand Marie Claire – citizen of Switzerland, were hospitalized in a serious condition in the Danghara district hospital. The citizen of France  Kasabat Guillaume Jean is not injured.

Immediately and urgently, a special inter-agency staff was established headed by the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs A.Alamshozoda that started its activity. The staff included the officers of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Committee for National Security who started special operations and other search activities for the crime detection.

Officers of the law enforcement agencies urgently came to the scene of the crime; a criminal case has been filed by the Prosecutor General’s Office concerning the committed crime with the signs of murder, and immediate search activities for the crime detection and detention of the criminals have been started.

104During the search of the criminals with the help of the district residents the automobile used in crime committing was found in Torbuloq village of Danghara district. Afterwards, the criminal, Abdusamadov Huseyn Abdusamadovich, was detained.

Another criminal – Yusupov Asliddin Sadriddinovich, due to offering armed resistance with the use of an axe and hitting on the ear of the officer of internal affairs agency – first deputy head of Department of fight against organized crime of the MIA, lieutenant colonel of militia Nazarzoda Jumakhon Mahmadrasul, was disarmed. As a result, Nazarzoda J.M. received a heavy wound.

During the examination of the scene of the crime and the automobile real evidence was found and seized, such as blood-stained knife and axe, a mobile phone, 2 travelling bags, a sports footwear, 2 passports in the name of Majidov Asomiddin and Safarov Zafar, native-born and residents of Panj district.

Абдусамадов Ҳусейн АбдусамадовичIn the process of interrogation, the detained Abdusamadov H.A. confirmed that he is the head of the organized criminal group. It comes from the indications of Abdusamadov H.A. that he four times travelled to Kum and Mozandaron cities of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the 2014-2015, passed ideological and military-subversive trainings, and met there with the active member of the terrorist and extremist Islamic renaissance party, the wanted criminal Ubaidov Nosirkhuja Ahtamovich nicknamed “Qori-Nosir”, and by swearing was admitted to the membership of the extremist Islamic renaissance party.

The customer of the crime Ubaidov N.A., who is since 1992 the active member of the extremist and terrorist organization Islamic renaissance party, is officially wanted by the police since 2015 (according to the article 187 of the Criminal Code).

Then, Abdusamadov H.A., with the view of violation of public and state security of Tajikistan under the direct patronage of Ubaidov N.A. committed this crime with a particular cruelty with his other accomplices. Following the committing of the crime they planned to flee through the Panj district to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and join the terrorist groups.

It was revealed that the brother of Abdusamadov H.A., Abdusamadov Bakhtiyor Abdusamadovich nicknamed “Mullo Umar” is the member of the terrorist organization “Islamic Movement of Turkistan” and is currently imprisoned due to committing crimes of terrorist-extremist nature.

In addition, as a result of conducting of search and investigation operations, 4 criminals – Majidov Asomiddin, Safarov Zafar, Yusufov Jafariddin were found by the task force in Osmondara village of Danghara district and were disarmed at the scene of the crime due to an armed attack with thrust and cutting weapons, including knife, axe and sickle against the officers of the law enforcement agencies.

On suspicion of relationship with this organized criminal group, the residents of Kulob city Sharipov Dilovar, Nazarov Jamshed, resident of Jayhun district Saifiddinov Vaisiddin and for financing of this organized criminal group the resident of Norak city Ghaniev Karomatullo Ismatulloevich have been detained.

Karomatulo Dilovar Jamshed Vaysiddin

It should be noted that the crime has been completely solved and the suspects – Abdusamadov Huseyn Abdusamadovich, date of birth 11.06.1985, born in Panj district, resident of Dushanbe city, has been detained, and

–  Majidov Asomiddin Yormahmadovich, d.b. 14.01.1999, resident of Panj district, S.Kabud village community, Selga village;

–  Safarov Zafarjon Jumaevich, d.b. 14.11.1999, resident of Panj district, S.Kabud village community, Selga village;

–  Yusupov Jafariddin Sadriddinovich, d.b. 11.01.1997, resident of Norak city, 14, Turgeneva street, apt. 23;

–  Yusupov Asliddin Davlatbekovich, d.b. 26.03.1992, resident of Norak city, 14, Turgeneva street, apt. 23 were killed as a result of the conducted operations.

It is necessary to mention that the detained Abdusamadov Huseyn was previously imprisoned for committing fraud crime in the Republic of Tajikistan and other heavy crimes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, it was revealed that Abdusamadov Huseyn is a close relative to Majidov Asomiddin Yormahmadovich and Safarov Zafarjon Jumaevich. Also, Yusupov Jafariddin and Yusupov Asliddin are brothers.

Although, a criminal case on murder has been filed concerning the mentioned crime, other investigation does not exclude the possible versions.

The process of investigation of criminal case is conducted directly under the supervision of the Head of state.

July 31, 2018 09:30

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