HANDS OFF FROM TAJIKISTAN, TRAITORS! Statement by women and mothers of Levakand city in connection with the events in Warsaw

September 15, 2018 10:59

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Женщины Хатлона

DUSHANBE, 15.09.2018 /NIAT “Khovar”/. “People’s wisdom says: “Who does not honor his people and his history, can not be considered a person”. Indeed, there are people who have too short memory, and beliefs “sit” no deeper than at the tip of the tongue. They tend to oblivion even the recent past, even if it was a thunderstorm. How else can you name the act of a group of people who betrayed their Homeland, whose vile statements have long been nagged, and their arms to the elbow in blood, now without a twinge of conscience, although from where they have it, at OSCE meetings they try to blacken their people and state”.

This quote is from the statement of the women of Levakand city in response to the trick of renaissances in Warsaw. The statement also says:

“How one can come to a condition that dishonorably and vilely slander his Homeland and the nation. Muhammad Hijozi has such saying: “In a network of politicians and adventurers often fall those who do not know their secret intentions”. It accurately reflects the position taken by the runaway leaders of the banned TEO IRP, who are trying to mislead the world community and cloud the brains of our youth.

In this we once again made sure, after hearing about the new machinations of renauissacnes in Warsaw. We were convinced that they did not abhor any means, even the most dirty, to achieve the same dirty goals. It has become a habit for them for a long time, but we are sure that their malicious attacks will remain unsuccessful this time and will disappear like drops of dew at sunrise. Renaissances in every possible way prove that allegedly in Tajikistan human rights are being violated. Thus, they want to rescue their convicted partners in murders and robberies, in other words, terrorists. However, they, most likely, do not care about their henchmen. The goal they have set is to undermine the authority of Tajikistan and its leadership in the eyes of the world community.

But they, the fugitive renaissances, must first think about who they really are. To think what a dirty track they left on their native land, what unseemly memory they left about themselves. You have a foul smell of anger, hatred and revenge for failing all your adventurous plans to seize power. We, Tajik mothers, appeal to you and ask: “Where were you, on which side of barricade were you when our Leader of the Nation led a fierce struggle for peace and order in the Tajik land, when day and night made efforts to return the forced refugees, when he applied a life-giving balm to wounds?! Today, young and old people know that you started a civil war in Tajikistan, and now you are posing as innocent sheep.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, a person is considered the highest value, all his rights are guaranteed by the state. Every citizen who directs his activities within the framework of the legislation enjoys all freedoms. All reforms carried out in all spheres of the national economy are aimed exclusively at ensuring a decent life for the people. During the 27 years of independence, the well-being of the people’s life has visibly increased. And more importantly, the Tajiks in the world community are known as a peace-loving and civilizing people.

To understand this truth, it is enough to remember the time when, Tajikistan was blazing in a fratricidal war through your fault and like you. Thank God, all this has sunk into oblivion. Now there is peace and harmony on the Tajik land, there is not a day so that the news about the emergence of new significant state and socio-cultural facilities does not spread. We, mothers, like all Tajiks, completely support the policy pursued by the state and the Government. Everyone is grateful, except for you, who stink of envy, hatred and anger. You are running from side to side like a chicken that is burned its feet. Because such development and improvement in the country is not included in your plans, developed by your patrons.

We know that you will not be persuaded, and in the future you will not distinguish between black and white. Nevertheless, we, appealing to you, reminiscent of the sixth finger on the hand of the nation, want to say: “Hands off from Homeland! You are not worthy of it. You will nowhere and never find it. Remember that the core of the policy of our state is humaneness, philanthropy, and it is ready to forgive those who, by misunderstanding, entered the path of treason and betrayal of the Motherland. Think about what you are doing and what you are planning. Think about in whose garden you throw a stone, who will get benefit from your behind-the-scenes games and political intrigue?”.

September 15, 2018 10:59

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