“RENAISSANCES” HAVE NO ANY RELATION TO SACRED ISLAM!”. Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the RTSU on some aspects of criminal activity of the IRP

September 15, 2018 13:11

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Отабек Шарапов

DUSHANBE, 15.09.2018 /NIAT “Khovar”/. “The founders of the IRP began their illegal anti-state and anti-people activities back in the 1970s of the last century. However, neither then nor now this organization did not enjoy the support of the population”, – Otabek Sharapov, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the Russian-Tajik Slavonic University /RTSU/, wrote in his article, which was presented to NIAT “Khovar”. Further the author writes:

First of all, this is due to the fact that this organization initially from its inception to the present day had no relation to the sacred religion of Islam.

In this regard, it should be especially noted that no political party should be created and act on the basis of religion. As you know, religion and the state should not influence each other, which is one of the main features of a democratic state. Moreover, the very formulation of the question of the expediency of the creation and functioning of an Islamic renaissance party in a country where the absolute majority of the population professes Islam is at least illogical. Tajikistan has already created all conditions for the free religion of citizens and the practice of religious cults. So, there is in the republic a higher religious educational institution and a number of madrasahs, a lot of mosques, as well as continues the construction of the largest mosque in Central Asia, free access to and sale of necessary religious literature, etc.

In our opinion, one of the reasons for the lack of support and sympathy for the IRP, both among the population of Tajikistan and abroad, is also the fact that this organization initially proved itself from the negative side. It contributed to the outbreak of civil war and does not disdain the commission of various criminal acts to achieve its unseemly goals.

Nevertheless, despite all of the above, the Tajik authorities gave the Islamic Renaissance party a unique opportunity to create the only political party based on religion in the entire post-Soviet space. Members of this organization took advantage of this opportunity, creating a new party. However, it should be noted that inside the IRP there was initially no unity among its supporters. There is an informal division into a radical and moderate wing within the IRP. Accordingly, the views of members of this political party on the basis of the constitutional order of the state are different. Particularly, the split among the supporters of the IRP was strengthened after the party was led by M. Kabiri. In addition, supporters of this party are enticed by various banned radical movements, which are becoming competing organizations for the IRP.

In this context, I would like to note that this organization under the screen of various noble slogans has only one single goal – coming to power in Tajikistan using all illegal and criminal methods. This is confirmed by the results of the civil war, when many activists of this party, having received various positions in accordance with the 30 percent quota, immediately shaved off their beards, put on secular clothes, and sat in official chairs, happily forgetting about their party affiliation. This explains the decline in activity and the loss of the authority of the IRP in subsequent years. Over the past few years, IRP has purposely gone to its self-destruction. The end of this path was the ban of this party and its activities in Tajikistan. At present this organization as a political party does not exist.


Associate Professor of the Department
of International relations and
diplomacy of the Russian-Tajik
Slavic University


Otabek Sharapov graduated with honors from the RTSU in 2008 with a degree in International Relations. In 2008-2009 he was a specialist of the Department of State Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, and Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan. Since 2009 he worked as the teacher, senior lecturer, associate professor of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy. In 2015-2017 years he was the Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the RTSU. Since September 1, 2017 he is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of History and International Relations for academic affairs. Presidential Scholarship (2002). He is the author of two monographs, the 21st scientific article, and three educational and teaching textbooks, participant of international scientific conferences in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Dushanbe.

September 15, 2018 13:11

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