Mahbuba Kamolova: «The Communist Party has lost its authority and influence»

26 августа, 2015 15:50

Dushanbe, 26.08.2015. (NIAT «Khovar»). — The publishing house «Irfon» previously in Russian languages published a book by deputy head of the Center for Strategic Research under the President of Tajikistan Mahbuba Kamolova under the title «The electoral process and especially in the Republic of Tajikistan.»

The correspondent of NIAT «Khovar» had a conversation with the author, candidate of political sciences Mahbuba Kamolova on the issue of forming a modern political system, and the political parties of the country.

NIAT «Khovar»: How do you assess the current political system and a new political culture in Tajikistan in the last decade?

Kamolova Mahbuba: In the history of modern Tajik statehood entered a phase of formation of the modern political system and a new political culture after the 2000.

After a national referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic (26 September 1999) was laid the legal and regulatory framework for the restructuring of the state. The referendum and the adoption of changes and amendments, on the one hand, indicating that the population of the country felt the need for timely changes, and on the other is that in a society, new norms and values. These two factors, in turn, contributed to the formation of a new political culture in the conditions of independent Tajikistan.

Creating a professional bicameral parliament was a solid step towards building a democratic state. One of the requirements of a democratic state is the existence of independent branches of government and ensuring political pluralism in society. Political pluralism is based on political needs and requirements of citizens through elections.

NIAT «Khovar»: You conducted a study on the electoral process and its features. How would you comment on the development and functioning of political parties of the republic in recent years?

Kamolova Mahbuba: Multi-party system expresses the interests and positions of different members of society, political parties, and the political aspirations of the masses. The election results show the level of public sympathy for this or that political force. Acceptance or rejection of a particular political party, first of all, depends on the program of the party, on its head, from the activities of its leaders and party activists working among voters and supporters.

The analysis and study of the results of parliamentary elections in the period of 2000-2010 shows a gradual, steady development and improvement of a number of political parties, at the same time, a steady decline in prestige and influence, reducing the members of other parties. Elections mirror the existing potential and real possibilities of each political party.

In the year 2000, at the elections for seats in the parliament struggled six professional political parties: the People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan won 36 chairs, the Tajikistan’s Communist Party — 13 chairs, the Party of Islamic Revival of Tajikistan 2 chairs. In the 11 constituencies were held new elections, indicating the strengthening of the political struggle and awareness of responsibility of the voters.

Elections in the 2005, there have been dramatic changes in the electorate of the Communist Party of Tajikistan; in particular, it was able to get 20.63% of the vote and party list only 4 members of the Communist Party were able to go to the parliament. That is, voters lost interest in the party, did not believe in its political program. Then, the parliamentary elections of 2010, and the results of which were also distinctive. Effect of the Communist Party even went further down, at the end of the election, it received only 7% of the vote, the party list only 2 members of the party took place in the Parliament.

NIAT «Khovar»: That is, from election to election reduced the authority of the Communist Party of Tajikistan?

Kamolova Mahbuba: Certainly, in the early voters nostalgic for the Soviet era, believed in the Communist Party, however, with the passage of time, especially after the signing of the General Agreement on the Establishment of Peace and National Accord and the entry of the republic into a new era of construction stage, improvement, this party gradually lost its authority and influence. The number of its supporters, followers and members at times reduced.

NIAT «Khovar»: What are the causes and factors of reduction of the influence of the Communist Party?

Kamolova Mahbuba: On the one hand, the lack of responsibility of the party itself, the lack of mutual understanding at the level of the governing party makeup, and on the other — the strangeness of the communist ideology for the society contributed to the fact that the people, the voters gradually lost faith in the Communist Party as a political force. Global changes occurring in the world today, suggest that from now on the communist internationalism, agitate the Marxist doctrine went into the archives of history. Now, in the first place is the preservation of states and peoples, as recent events on the example of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya show that stakeholders may question whether or not to be for some kind of state. Another factor is that the leadership of the Communist Party for 20 years failed to attract the potential of young people.

NIAT «Khovar»: The past differed in March parliamentary elections and the previous elections?

Kamolova Mahbuba: The election of this year was attended by eight officially registered political parties. Over 63 deputy mandates fought 285 registered candidates, including 30 women. People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan has received 65.4%, the Agrarian Party-11.7%, the Party of Economic Reforms — 7.5% and the Socialist Party — 5.5% of the votes and took place in the parliament. However, Communist Party of Tajikistan and Islamic Revival Party as well as Democratic Party of Tajikistan and Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan have received 2.2%, 1.6% and 1.7% as well 0.5% of the vote respectively, failed to pass the 5% barrier.

The main difference between these elections was the fact that over the past 15-20 years, the Communist Party of Tajikistan and the Islamic Revival Party for the first time could not pass through elections to parliament.

NIAT «Khovar»: What factors contributed to the defeat of the party in the elections?

Kamolova Mahbuba: It should be noted that the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda created equal conditions for all political parties to campaign through television and other mass media. However, the leaders and representatives of the Communist Party, the Islamic Revival Party and Social Democratic Party instead talk about the strategic positions of their political programs to criticize the government and the country’s leadership.

Candidates from the Communist Party and Islamic Revival Party at the meetings with voters represented not the voters and their policy. As a specialist I want to say that the defeat of the IRP and CPT in the elections of this year was a natural and expected. Candidates of IRP instead acquainted voters with their election programs, openly expressed their opposition to the government, the people spiritually directed against the current social order. They spoke critically about the problems of labor migration, the lack of jobs, but do not offer any alternative. If members of the IRP engaged in criticism of Government programs, candidates from the CBT had no support among voters.

So I think that over the last 10-15 years in the country there have been dramatic changes not only in the political culture of the electorate, but also in their social consciousness. From now on, the voters choose their worthy candidates for not empty promises, but on the basis of the political program of the political activities of parties that meet the interests of the state and people of the country. It came to an end the era of the parties, based on the teachings of other people associated with terrorist organizations and extremist activities.

NIAT «Khovar»: Thank you for the open conversation!

26 августа, 2015 15:50

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