23 killed in twin bomb attacks at coffee shop in Iraq’s Diyala

12 января, 2016 11:13

Dushanbe, 12.01.2015. (NIAT «Khovar»). — Up to 23 people were killed and 44 others injured on Monday in two coordinated bomb attacks at a coffee shop in a town in Iraq’s eastern province of Diyala, according to Xinhua.

The attack occurred in the evening when a roadside bomb went off a crowded coffee shop in the town of Maqdadiyah, some 100 km northeast of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, the source said.

Accroding to a source, afterwards, a booby-trapped car detonated at the scene of the first blast, destroying part of the building and several nearby shops, leaving at least 23 people killed and some 44 others wounded.

The attackers apparently followed the old tactic, which depends on creating an initial explosion to attract security forces and people, then they set off another blast to get heavier casualties.

12 января, 2016 11:13

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