For terrorist crimes in the CIS countries wanted more than 4 thousand people

10 февраля, 2016 14:52

Dushanbe, 10.02.2016. (NIAT “Khovar”). — More than 4 thousand people declared wanted in CIS countries for involvement in terrorist crimes. This was announced on Wednesday opened the ninth Meeting of heads of national antiterrorism centers of the States-participants of the CIS the head of the CIS Antiterrorist center Colonel General Andrey Novikov.

He reminded about the existing anti-terrorist Bank data CIS that includes the list of terrorist organizations and persons who have committed crimes of terrorist and extremist nature.

“You know that the base we have significantly enlarged to 4 thousand 262 offender wanted on the territory of CIS member States for these crimes,” – said Novikov.

He stressed the importance of filtering migration flows and improving interaction between the security authorities, intelligence services and law enforcement in interstate search of persons who have committed crimes of a terrorist nature, and are hiding from prosecution or the execution of a court sentence. “Those who participated in the fighting in Syria and could return home”, – said the General.

“At the end of last year and early this year, is continuously carried out operation “Anti terror” (to search for involved in terrorist activities – note). It is not defined in specific terms, it is carried out during the year and we help to ensure that intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the CIS was found disguised representatives of terrorist organizations on our territory”, – said the head of the ATC.

One of the main areas of cooperation of special services of the CIS countries to identify “sleepers” (hidden) cells of terrorists, said Novikov.

“Folding in the CIS space and the world at large as never before the situation requires joint efforts of all CIS member States in combating terrorism and other violent manifestations of extremism, – said Novikov. – We will discuss a number of problematic issues, which the development of political and operational situation in the Commonwealth, amid the growing activity of terrorist and extremist organizations in the Middle East, North Africa and in the Afghanistan-Pakistan area”.

“Unfortunately, despite all the efforts undertaken by our countries to combat the terrorist threat, including significant damage to the structures of the international terrorism inflicted during the operation against the so-called “Islamic state” – pseudohalide “DAYS” in Syria (the situation) remains difficult, – said Novikov.

In this regard, he stressed that the key areas of cooperation of special services of the CIS countries will be the neutralization of foreign fighters and terrorists, the elimination of channels of illegal penetration on territory of the countries of the Commonwealth, the autopsy of the so-called “sleeping” terrorist cells, and suppression of sources of financing of international terrorist organizations.

10 февраля, 2016 14:52

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