Kazakhstan’s citizens temporarily living in Tajikistan are waiting for parliamentary elections

1 февраля, 2016 10:15

Dushanbe, 01.02.2016. (NIAT “Khovar”). — On March 20 in Kazakhstan will be held elections of deputies of the Parliament of Kazakhstan to be elected on party lists.

In this regard, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Tajikistan created the polling station for the citizens of Kazakhstan temporarily living in Tajikistan.

Besides, in the building of the Consulate of Kazakhstan in Khujand city of Sughd region will be organized portable ballot box.

In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 25 of the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, citizens of Kazakhstan, temporarily living in a foreign country and arriving in foreign states by private invitations, on official, business and tourist trips, by their request to the precinct election commission and in the presence at them the valid passport of the citizen of Kazakhstan included in the lists of voters.

For participation in voting it is necessary to have a passport of the citizen of Kazakhstan.

1 февраля, 2016 10:15

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