Poll: most Americans want cooperation between the United States and Russia in the fight against ISIS in Syria

2 ноября, 2016 11:27

Dushanbe, 02.11.2016. /NIAT «Khovar»/. Most Americans are in favor of cooperation between Russia and the United States in the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IS, banned in Tajikistan) in Syria. This is evidenced by published on Tuesday the results of a survey conducted by the University of Maryland, reported TASS

According to 53% of the respondents, the fight against terrorism should be a priority for America, and to sideline such issues as “the growing power of China and a resurgent Russia.” The majority of respondents stressed that if the fight against terrorism means a partnership with Russia, “so be it”.


While only 2% of Americans believe that Washington’s priority in Syria should be the resignation of the President Arab countries Bashar al-Assad, as Tom always says the US administration. Slightly more than half of respondents said that the main goal should be defeating ISIS and its supporters.


Trump has repeatedly stated that the defeat of ISIS is of paramount importance to US, and prevails over task the removal of Assad from power. “We need to focus on IS. We should not focus on Syria,” – said trump. “Assad for me is of secondary importance compared to the IS,” he said.


“I think it would be great if we got along with Russia. Because we, for example, would be to fight against ISIS together,” pointed out the businessman.

2 ноября, 2016 11:27

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