Meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament of the Democratic SocialistRepublic of Sri Lanka Karu Jayasuriya

14 декабря, 2016 18:15

Today, the Founderof Peace and National Unity — Leader of the Nation, President of the Republicof Tajikistan, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon also met with the Speaker of theParliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Karu Jayasuriya.

The sides discussedthe issues regarding the establishment of inter-parliamentary relations betweenthe two countries.

It was noted thatthe inter-parliamentary cooperation is an effective factor in the developmentof comprehensive inter-state relations and plays an important role in theformation of legal basis.

President EmomaliRahmon said that the establishment of inter-parliamentary relations should bein the focus of constant attention, and based on this necessary step should betaken to establish an inter-parliamentary group of friendship betweenTajikistan and Sri Lanka.

The two sidesexchanged views on finding ways to develop cooperation between the twocountries, noted the expedience of establishing a Joint IntergovernmentalCommission and Business Council of Tajikistan and Sri Lanka. In addition, theformation of the legal base of relations was named an important factor inenabling the use of resources and opportunities for expanding mutuallybeneficial cooperation in the economic domain, including in the industry.

The interlocutorsalso discussed the issues related to the stability and security in Afghanistan,which has a common border with Tajikistan, ruthless struggle againstinternational terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking that in Tajikistan’ssecurity strategy is of paramount importance.

14 декабря, 2016 18:15

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