Tajikistan and Germany PLan to Expand Economic Cooperation

2 октября, 2019 18:02

DUSHANBE, 02.10.2019 (NIAT Khovar) – The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan Muzaffar Huseynzoda met with the Executive Director of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy Mikhail Kharms.

The meeting focused on the possibility of expanding economic cooperation between the two countries in various sectors of the economy, in particular in the agricultural sector, the production of environmentally friendly products, as well as in the energy sector.

“Considering the reforms in various fields, Tajikistan has created favorable conditions for business and investment circles,” Husseinzoda noted.

Huseynzoda also called on the head of the Eastern Committee of German Economies, which brings together more than 200 companies, to actively participate in Tajikistan’s economy.

2 октября, 2019 18:02

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