Deputy PM Ismatullozoda Visited Several Educational and Medical Institutions in Khatlon

10 августа, 2020 11:28

DUSHANBE, 10.08.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – While on her trip to Khatlon, Deputy Prime Minister Shirin Ismatullozoda visited medical institutions in the cities and districts of Vose, Hamadoni, Bokhtar, Kushoniyon and Vakhsh.

In Hamadoni, Ismatullozoda visited the secondary educational institution No. 42 and got acquainted with the course of preparations for the new academic year. The industry’s officials informed that a new educational building will be put into operation at the school this year. Currently, a new medical center has started operating near the school, which serves schoolchildren and teachers.

Deputy PM stressed that in a pandemic, the school is also one of the vulnerabilities, and in order to prevent the spread of COVID-2019, all sanitary and hygienic measures must be taken.

“In particular, the wearing of medical masks and using antiseptics should be constantly promoted among schoolchildren,” noted Ismatullozoda.

In Bokhtar, she got acquainted with the activities of the Resanda spinning enterprise, which is engaged in sewing medical masks, protective medical clothing and school uniforms.

Ismatullozoda was familiarized with one of the sewing workshops in Bokhtar.

While in Buri Vohidov regional clinical hospital, Ismatullozoda talked with doctors, patients, their relatives and noted that the hospital’s responsible persons should use all their capabilities in the name of the health of the people.

In Kushoniyon, she examined the state of the central hospital and the activities of the sewing workshop of Najiba public organization. According to the officials, this year the company has signed an agreement with several schools and will provide them with school uniforms.

Ismatullozoda also visited the reception and infectious diseases departments of the central hospital in Vakhsh and talked with the employees of this institution for the prevention of COVID-2019 and the timely detection and treatment of patients.

Following the visits, Ismatullozoda and Khatlon’s Chairman Kurbon Hakimzoda held a meeting of the Regional COVID-19 Prebention Commission to strengthen anti-epidemic measures.

“Unfortunately, today we have relaxed a little on following anti-pandemic measures, which, of course, is a mistake. We need, as in the first days of its detection, to strengthen the activities of primary care institutions, to help the timely identification and treatment of the infected,” Ismatullozoda emphasized.

She also stressed that before the commencement of the new school year, it is necessary to strengthen work with schools and provide students with medical masks and antiseptics.

10 августа, 2020 11:28

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