PM Rasulzoda Departed for Kulob

26 августа, 2020 10:01

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DUSHANBE, 26.08.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Yesterday, Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda left for Kulob in order to familiarize himself with the progress of construction and improvement works devoted to national holidays, the activities of production enterprises and workshops.

There he checked the progress of construction of an administrative and educational building, a dormitory for students and a residential building for teachers of the Technology and Innovation Management Institute, Kulob’s administration building, a multi-level residential building for civil servants, the administrative building of the center for expertise food security in the Kulob zone, a hostel for medical college students, and the repair of on-farm roads and other service facilities.

Rasulzoda also got acquainted with the activities of Somon-Kulobtajhizot OJSC, the city’s water utility service company.

He instructed officials to take necessary measures to increase the number of jobs, intensify creative measures, and use existing opportunities to their full potential.

26 августа, 2020 10:01

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