Russian Airlines Reduce Airfare Prices to Tajikistan

27 апреля, 2021 12:58

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DUSHANBE, 27.04.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Russian airlines, which operate charter flights between Russia and Tajikistan, announced a drop in ticket prices.

According to sources interviewed by the Russian news agency Sputnik, the cost has dropped by 50%. The decrease in prices was confirmed by Siberia Airlines.

“Now a ticket for the Khujand-Moscow flight costs 8,400 somoni ($735). The same tariff for other Russian cities is calculated depending on the flight time,” the company representatives noted.

The cost of tickets has dropped significantly compared to previous weeks. Earlier, in order to fly from Tajikistan to Russia, citizens had to pay 15,000-16,000 somoni ($1,300-1,400).

Earlier, the Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Tajikistan Ikrom Subhonzoda at a meeting with representatives of four Russian airlines insisted on reducing the cost of tickets for charter flights.

27 апреля, 2021 12:58

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