President Putin: Large Number of Tajiks in Afghanistan Necessitates Their Representation in First Government Roles

22 октября, 2021 15:53

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DUSHANBE, 22.10.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – The Taliban* must build relationships with all ethnic and religious groups, with all political and public organizations. This was stated on October 21 by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

According to him, the composition of the government formed by the Taliban movement now consists mainly of Pashtun groups.

“But there are Tajiks there. And according to various estimates, they make up from 40% to 47% of the population. Look, this is a lot,” Putin said.

“And then there are Uzbeks, Hazaras, and others. Yes, I know, now even in the leadership of the Taliban in the government there are representatives of these groups, but not in the first roles. People claim to occupy significant places in the country’s governing system. And this balance must be found,” he added.

According to Putin, Russia is interested in finding acceptable compromises, including taking into account the rights of women.

“We are in contact with all political forces in Afghanistan, and we are developing fairly stable relations with everyone. But we would like to see acceptable compromises, and that the issues facing the country are not resolved only with the help of weapons, which has been the case recently, so that the interests of women are taken into account,” Putin said.

Putin noted that Russia’s interests are in the fact that Afghanistan eventually emerges from the incessant permanent civil war and the people of this long-suffering country feel themselves safe within the framework of their national borders and have chances for development and prosperity.

“We will strive in every possible way to achieve just such a goal,” he said.

Meanwhile Putin expressed the opinion that the role and importance of Pakistan in this situation is no less than the role and importance of Russia or China.

“We are interested in developing cooperation <…> in order to achieve the common desired result,” said President Putin.

  • Taliban — a terrorist organization banned in Tajikistan and Russia
22 октября, 2021 15:53

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