US Provides 18 J8 Jeeps to Tajikistan’s Border Troops

26 ноября, 2021 17:03

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DUSHANBE, 26.11.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – On November 19, US provided 18 J8 Jeeps to Tajikistan’s Border Troops to help Tajikistan secure borders. The vehicles, which are valued at $1.3 million, will enable the Border Troops to conduct operations in the uneven terrain of the border regions, reports the Press Center of the Border Troops of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan.

The Border Troops Commander Rajabali Rahmonali and US Ambassador to Tajikistan John Mark Pommersheim participated in a handover ceremony for the light-utility vehicles.

“This donation is just one example of the assistance we provide to Tajikistan to secure its borders. We are grateful for Tajikistan’s close cooperation in the field of border security and are proud of our joint achievements,” noted Ambassador Pommersheim.

“We remain partners in the fight against drug trafficking, nuclear proliferation and terrorism. As evidence of our strong partnership, we have committed over $60 million in security-sector assistance to Tajikistan to be implemented and delivered over the next two years,” he added.

Since 1992, the US provided over $330 million in security sector assistance to Tajikistan. This assistance includes training, equipment, and infrastructure. As part of this assistance, the US previously provided 378 vehicles to the Tajik military, valued at $11.9 million. The US also trained over 10,000 soldiers and law enforcement personnel on effective tactics for responding to terrorist threats and combatting drug trafficking.

As part of this assistance, the US rebuilt or renovated 13 border outposts, nine border checkpoint facilities, two border guard detachments, and three training centers for border guards.

Last year alone, US security assistance to Tajikistan totaled $10.7 million, making the US one of Tajikistan’s top donors in this realm. Additionally, last month the US handed over 20 vehicles to the Ministry of Defense.

The US partnered with Tajikistan for 30 years and has provided $1.8 billion in development and security assistance through programs that support Tajikistan’s security, economic development, health, civil society, and education.

26 ноября, 2021 17:03

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