Tajikistan Entered the Commonwealth Jewel Necklace Tourism Project

8 февраля, 2022 08:57

DUSHANBE, 08.02.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Tajikistan entered the Commonwealth Jewel Necklace tourism project of the CIS countries.

Tajikistan will present five destinations. However, the main condition for participation in the initiative is the coordination of routes for tourists with neighboring countries.

Only those facilities that have a developed infrastructure, a route and transport accessibility will be able to get into the project.

Currently, there is no exact list of attractions for the Commonwealth Jewel Necklace. Nevertheless, there is a list of places that can be included in the project. For example, the “historical ensemble” on Khujand Square, where you can find the mausoleum of the poet and theologian Sheikh Muslihiddin, the fortress and the Panjshanbe market which was a trading spot or centuries.

The head of the department of the Museum of the Historical and Cultural Reserve of Hissor Akmal Homidov gave a brief overview of the centuries-old history of Tajikistan.

“In 327 BC, Alexander the Great was here, at the beginning of the 8th century governor of Khorasan Kuteiba bin Muslim, in the 13th century son of Genghis Khan Chagatai, in the 14th century Tamerlane, in the 16th century Babur Mirza founder of the Mughal Empire, and the last ruler who lived here is the Emir of Bukhara,” he explained.

According to the acting head of the Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture Mirzosharif Abdusalomov, the above objects can tell a lot about the culture and life of Tajiks in different historical periods.

“This is not only a cultural route, but also an educational one. It can also be used to study how the people defended themselves 4,000 years ago,” he stressed.

The list of attractions, according to the Assistant Minister of Culture for International Cooperation Timurmalik Kamolov, may include all the ancient military fortifications in the territory of the Silk Road, such as the Yamchun fortress.

A proposed was also made to add modern sites.

8 февраля, 2022 08:57

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