Dushanbe Will Host Water Festival Tomorrow

5 июня, 2022 10:40

DUSHANBE, 05.06.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Tomorrow, June 6, as part of the Second High-Level International Conference on the International Decade for Action «Water for Sustainable Development,” the Dushanbe Water Festival is being held for the first time in the capital’s Navruzgoh Park of Culture and Leisure in Tajikistan.

“This will be a celebration of honoring water as the basis of life, well-being, prosperity and sustainable development,” noted the Secretariat of the Dushanbe International Water Conference.

According to the Head of the Secretariat of the Second High-Level International Conference Sulton Rakhimzoda, the Water Festival consists of an extensive program, including an exhibition of folk crafts and creativity, national cuisine, a display of national clothes, a concert program and other show programs.

The exhibition will be dedicated to the theme «Water for Sustainable Development» with the presentation of best practices, technologies and innovations in the field of water, and excursions will be organized to demonstrate the policy and practice of Tajikistan in the field of water management, as well as to present the country’s potential in the fields of hydropower, industry, agriculture and tourism.

5 июня, 2022 10:40

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