Tajikistan Intends to Increase the Use of Electric Vehicles, Completely Freeing Their Imports From Tax and Customs Payments

11 августа, 2022 11:34

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DUSHANBE, 11.08.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – As previously reported, the Ministry of Transport developed a draft Program for the Development of Electric Transport in Tajikistan for 2023-2027 and sent it to the relevant ministries and departments for consideration.

Their proposals for the project will be considered by the Interdepartmental Advisory Commission in the field of road transport. Then the project is submitted to the government for consideration and approval.

The draft Program, consisting of 9 chapters, is based on the Message of the President Emomali Rahmon to the Supeme Assembly, said Minister of Transport Azim Ibrohim.

According to him, the main goal of the document is to create a new direction for the development of the economy on the basis of the engineering industry — the production of electric vehicles, creating favorable conditions for increasing the use of electric vehicles, expanding the infrastructure of electric transport and reducing the impact on the environment.

According to the minister, Tajikistan is one of the CIS countries producing environmentally friendly and cheap electricity. In this regard, the use of electric vehicles in the country is more appropriate and efficient in all respects. Especially during the period of rising fuel prices, which had a negative impact on all sectors last year. The use of electric vehicles is not only economically beneficial, but also environmentally friendly, which reduces the country’s dependence on a number of imported goods.

The project is associated with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Tajikistan, the main share of which today falls on road transport. In addition, the new program is aimed at developing new technologies for servicing electric vehicles, creating additional jobs, as well as reducing the country’s dependence on the suspension of fuel imports for vehicles.

Based on these changes, the import of electric vehicles, electric buses, trolleybuses and similar vehicles will be exempt from customs duty for 10 years.

Amendments to the Tax Code were also considered, which will exempt the import of electric vehicles from customs duties. It is planned that on the basis of these changes, the import of electric vehicles, electric buses, trolleybuses and similar vehicles will be exempted from customs duties for a period of 10 years. Electric vehicles imported into Tajikistan will also be exempt from taxes, VAT and excise duty.

Such measures are aimed at the efficient use of the “green» economy,” the widespread use of other renewable energy sources, environmental protection and improvement of the ecological situation in the country.

President instructed the government to adopt the Green Economy Development Strategy in Tajikistan by the end of 2022 and ensure its implementation.

“In order to adapt the national economy to global climate change, protect the environment and improve the ecological state of the country, completely exempt from tax and customs payments the import of electric vehicles, that is, electric vehicles, electric buses, trolleybuses and the like. In this regard, the government needs to take measures to gradually create infrastructure and other necessary conditions for the use of such vehicles in the republic,” the President said.

11 августа, 2022 11:34

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