ARMED AGGRESSION OF KYRGYZSTAN. Lakhsh Residents of Kyrgyz Origin Condemn Kyrgyzstan’s Aggressive Actions

19 сентября, 2022 13:22

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DUSHANBE, 19.09.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Supporting Tajikistan’s peaceful policy, Tajik citizens of Kyrgyz origin residing in Lakhsh are condemning Kyrgyzstan’s armed aggressions against Tajikistan. The aggressive actions of Kyrgyz military forces have resulted in the death and injury of a number of Tajik civilians and military personnel, and have caused enormous property damage.

“We, Kyrgyzs of Lakhsh district, on an equal footing with our Tajik neighbors, consider ourselves responsible for maintaining our independence, national unity, peace, and tranquility of our people. We condemn the provocative actions by the Kyrgyz Republic,” they say in their appeal to the Kyrgyz people.

They note that they have been living together with Tajiks in Lakhsh for centuries.

“Our friendship has passed great tests and has strengthened,” their appeal says.

They emphasize that they have all the rights and benefits established in accordance with the Constitution for the citizens of Tajikistan. Along with the Tajiks, they have access to water, soil, land, and likewise can participate in state and public affairs.

The recent armed clashes in the border areas of Sughd region of Tajikistan and Batken of the Kyrgyz Republic have alarmed the Kyrgyz population of Lakhsh district and put them in an awkward position in relation to their Tajik relatives and neighbors.

This is not the first time Kyrgyzstan has acted with aggression toward Tajikistan. The acts are initiated at the behest of some leaders of Kyrgyzstan, namely President Sadyr Japarov, Chairman of the State Committee for National Security Kamchibek Tashiev, and military personnel.

19 сентября, 2022 13:22

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