The militants executed under the Mosul more than 230 people

27 октября, 2016 17:14

Dushanbe, 27.10.2016. /NIAT «Khovar»/. The chairman of the Iraqi parliamentary human rights committee, Abdel, Rakhim Shamri, said Wednesday that over 230 civilians have been executed by ISIS terrorists across Nineveh province, reports.

«ISIS militants continued to commit atrocities in the province of Nineveh, they executed 190 people in the area of Hammam al-Alil after taking them hostage in different areas of Mosul,» said Shamri.

He continued by saying that another 42 people were executed in Arij after they refused to cooperate.

Rahman al-Wagga, noted that the executions were carried out «to terrorize the others, those who are in Mosul in particular.»

«ISIS was taking families from each village it left,» he added.

27 октября, 2016 17:14

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