Dushanbe Chairman Examines Capital’s Major Ongloing Construction Works

30 января, 2020 10:45

DUSHANBE, 30.01.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Yesterday, the Dushanbe Chairman Rustam Emomali got acquainted with the construction of a number of large-scale objects in the capital.

His first stop was the Independence Park,- one of the country’s most grandiose structures, which will be built in the capital in honor of the 30th anniversary of independence, reports the Department of Public Information and External Affairs of the Chairman’s Office.

The total area of the park with the architectural complex symbolizing independence and freedom is 30 hectares. The complex is located on the territory of capital’s Rudaki Avenue, Said Nosir, Habib Ahrori and Oygul streets.

The complex will include an area for political events on the territory of 2.7 ha. The height of the monument is 121 meters.

This park is set to be completed in 2021.

Independence and Freedom
Rustam Emomali also got acquainted with the large sports complex located on Karamov Street in the metropolitan Sino district.

The construction of the sports complex began in 2012. The facility consists of a tennis court with 3,000 seats and a water sports palace for 2,000 spectators with an underground parking lot. Eight tennis courts have been built nearby, each of which is can accomodate 1,000 people.

Rustam Emomali praised the work done and instructed the builders to complete the remaining work at a high quality level and on time.

Rustam Emomali1 Stadium
He also got visited the construction site of the new stadium with 30,000 seats in  Nizomi Ganjavi Street of Sino district. The stadium is one of the largest facilities in the capital, being built in honor of the 30th anniversary of independence.

The total area of the sports facility is 9.05 hectares, the size of the football field is 105 by 68 meters. The facility is being built at the initiative of the Directorate for the Construction of Government Facilities of the Presidential Executive Office. Three domestic companies, including STS Inshoot OJSC, ZAB CJSC and Zamin Trans LLC are involved in its construction.

The construction work of all these facilities is under the direct control of the President Emomali Rahmon.

Rustam Emomali2 Sports Complex

30 января, 2020 10:45

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