Energy Minister Says Electricity Production and Consumption on the Rise

27 января, 2020 17:50

DUSHANBE, 27.01.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Tajikistan saw a rise in its electricity production. The country produced 20.6 billion kW/h of electricity in 2019, which is 934.5 million kW/h more than in 2018. The growth volume was 104.7%. This info was provided by the Tajik Minister of Energy and Water Resources Usmonali Usmonzoda.

The volume of heat energy production in 2019 amounted to 841.2 thousand Gcal, which is 184.4 thousand Gcal more than in 2018, resulting in a 128.1% rise.

“The total volume of exported electricity last year amounted to 2.89 billion kW/h. The development rate was 120%,” Usmonzoda said.

He added that residents used 2.65 billion somoni worth of electricity, which is 571 million somoni more than in 2018.

“Due to electricity exports in 2019, Barki Tojik’s settlement account received 850.9 million somoni. Barki Tojik’s accounts receivable saw an influx of  2.22 billion somoni from electricity and heat consumers,” Usmonzoda noted.

27 января, 2020 17:50

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