Dushanbe Chairman Discusses Reopening Business Amid Pandemic

9 июня, 2020 10:47

DUSHANBE, 08.06.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Yesterday, Dushanbe Chairman Rustami Emomali held a meeting with the participation of his deputies, district chairmen, officials of municipal structures, representatives of law enforcement agencies and heads of markets.

The meeting focused on the situation relating to the spread of COVID-19 and the implementation of the Republican Commission’s decision to strengthen anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Dushanbe.

Based on the decision and considering the gradual improvement of the epidemiological situation in the country, Rustami Emomali informed that starting from June 15, organizations and institutions providing services to the population, including shopping centers, markets, hotels, sanatoriums, cafeterias, catering companies, restaurants, and beauty salons can resume their  operation.

In this regard, Rustami Emomali instructed the officials to strengthen preventive measures, including the mandatory wearing of masks and disinfection of private and public areas.

The heads of markets, trade and service centers must disinfect all areas before resuming their operation in order to prevent the outbreak of the second wave of COVID-19.

“Cleaning, painting, repair and waste disposal should also be carried out inside the markets, as well as creating disinfecting corridors and places for washing hands using antiseptic solutions at the entrances to the markets,” he instructed.

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Rustami Emomali drew the officials attention to the issues relating to appointing responsible persons and using remote thermometers at the entrance to the markets and all trade and service centers, wearing masks by all entrepreneurs of outlets, hanging informative posters on the rules for observing sanitary standards in trade pavilions, installing lines and colored threads to maintain social distance in all stores and retail outlets, and to support and assist market entrepreneurs by exempting them from taxes during the period when they were not engaged in commercial activities.

The chairmen of the capital’s districts and the heads of law enforcement bodies were instructed to strengthen strict control over the observance of sanitation rules in all markets, restaurants, beauty salons, hairdressers, shopping centers and to take appropriate measures to prevent various large gatherings, such as weddings and other public events, as well as to establish effective cooperation with the authorities of cities and districts around the capital, especially Varzob, Rudaki, Vahdat, Hissor and Tursunzoda in preventing citizens from entering the capital without medical masks.

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9 июня, 2020 10:47

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