Universal Sports Complex Will Open Its Doors Soon

18 июля, 2020 11:26

DUSHANBE, 18.07.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – A universal sports complex built in accordance with the requirements of the Olympic Games standards will be opened in Dushanbe soon.

The sports complex was built at the expense of capital’s budget along the Karamov Street between the slopes and hills of Luchob and the Dushanbe River. More than 200 people will be provided with permanent jobs and decent wages, reported the Department of Public Information and External Affairs of the Chairman’s Office.

Eightee contractor companies and 350 foreign and domestic specialists have been involved in the construction of this complex.

The facility consists of indoor and semi-indoor sports palaces, tennis courts, and medium and large swimming pools.

Universal Sports Complex (3)It can seat up to 150,000 spectators, depending on the particular area.

The complex can be used by everyone aged seven and up.

The project was coordinated  and approved by with the International Federation of Water Sports.

Universal Sports Complex (2)

18 июля, 2020 11:26

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