AFC Cup 2020 at Risk of Cancelation Due to COVID-19 Global Pandemic

27 августа, 2020 11:00

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DUSHANBE, 27.08.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) officially informed the national football associations whose clubs are taking part in the AFC Cup 2020 about the possible cancellation of the tournament this year due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

After the announcement of the postponement of the competition in March and April this year, the AFC had planned to reopen the AFC Cup 2020 matches following extensive discussions with the participating national associations and other stakeholders, the AFC official letter read.

However, there was no interest in any Asian country hosting a centralized tournament in Groups F, G and H (ASEAN).

Also, the AFC was unable to finally determine the host countries of the centralized tournament for Groups D (Central zone) and E (Eastern zone) since the Bahrain Football Association (host side in Group A) requested to postpone the tournament to 2021.

Based on the aforementioned issues, the AFC has applied to its respective committees for discussion and decision, the results will be reported to the national football associations at a later date.

Only one match was played with the participation of two Tajik clubs in the AFC Cup 2020 in the Central Zone in March this year. Istiklol beat Khujand with the score of 2-0. The centralized tournament with the participation of the Tajik clubs, as well as the champions of Kyrgyzstan (Dordoy) and Turkmenistan (Altyn Asyr) is scheduled for October 20 through November 4.

27 августа, 2020 11:00

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