SCO Observer Mission Reognizes Presidential Election as Open, Free and Legitimate

12 октября, 2020 16:19

DUSHANBE, 12.10.2020 (NIAT Khovar) –  «The SCO observer mission did not receive any suggestions, comments or complaints during the electoral process,» the SCO observer mission said in a statement.

It also notes that the events within the framework of the election campaign were held openly, were covered in detail in the media, in strict accordance with the legislation. Equal conditions were provided for the participants in the electoral process, regardless of their party affiliation and political views. All the candidates’ programs were published, which attests to the openness and transparency of the election campaign and the presence of competition.

The mission notes that the election was held on a broadly competitive basis, with the active participation of civil society representatives and the creation of favorable conditions for citizens to make an independent and informed choice.

There were no violations of the norms of the national electoral legislation.

 “The mission recognizes the election as open, free and legitimate. The mission congratulates the people of Tajikistan on the completion of the election and wishes them success in the further implementation of the course to strengthen independence, sovereignty and socio-economic development of the country,» the message says.

It should be noted that the mission had accredited 16 observers, representatives of legislative, executive and electoral bodies, scientific institutions, diplomats of the SCO member nations, as well as officials of the SCO Secretariat.

The invitation of international observers is assessed by the SCO mission as the desire of the leadership of the Republic of Tajikistan to ensure maximum openness, transparency and democracy of the election.

12 октября, 2020 16:19

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