Japanese Expert Assesses Tajik Futsal Referees

13 октября, 2021 10:51

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DUSHANBE, 13.10.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – One of the leading FIFA and AFC referee instructors Yasuhiro Matsuzaki from Japan assessed two FIFA futsal referees from Tajikistan.

The second match of the semi-final series of the 2021 Professional Futsal League of Tajikistan between Poytakht and Soro Company for the Tajik referees Behruz Murtazoev and Suhrob Sattorov became the second stage of recruiting.

In order to be included in the list of elite futsal referees of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Tajik referees need to go through all three stages of recruiting.

13 октября, 2021 10:51

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