BOMCA to Assist in Equipping the Customs Infrastructure of Tajikistan

3 декабря, 2021 10:31

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DUSHANBE, 03.12.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – The issues of developing mutually beneficial cooperation between the customs authorities of Tajikistan and the Border Management Assistance Program in Central Asia (BOMCA-10) were discussed at a meeting of the Deputy Head of the Customs Service Khurshed Sheralizoda with BOMCA-10 representatives in Dushanbe.

The meeting also focused on expanding cooperation of the customs authorities of Tajikistan with BOMCA-10 in the sectors of modernization of customs authorities, equipping the customs service with modern technology, safety of transportation of goods and vehicles from the border, and coordination of the work plan of BOMCA-10 for 2022.

The parties also had a constructive dialogue on security and stability in the region, especially in Afghanistan, the threat of terrorism and extremism, and on other topical issues.

The BOMCA program was established in 2003 and its phases focused on capacity building and institutional development, development of trade corridors, improvement of border management systems, and drug trafficking prevention in the Central Asian region. Each subsequent phase was prepared taking into account the need to develop the previous phases of the program. The main focus was on equipping a modern border management infrastructure.

3 декабря, 2021 10:31

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