Tajik Nutritionist Names Foods to Avoid for Сoronavirus Patients

13 декабря, 2021 13:51

DUSHANBE, 13.12.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Eating certain foods can worsen the condition of someone with the coronavirus, says Nutritionist, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Jahon Azonov.

“Some people think that drinking alcohol prevents COVID-19, which is completely wrong. Alcohol consumption negatively affects the liver because the liver is the main source of regulation and production of cells of the body’s immune system, which is negatively affected by alcohol consumption,” he says.

For those who are ill with the coronavirus, Azonov recommends cutting back on sugar and salt as much as possible.

Additionally, one should avoid the use of all types of sausages, including smoked ones, containing preservatives and flavorings.

According to the specialist, those infected with COVID-19 should not drink sweetened water that contains colorings and artificial flavorings.

It is better for patients to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Their diet should also include meat products, especially beef. But the consumed meat products should not contain too much fat, as meat is a source of cholesterol, which worsens the condition of those infected with COVID-19, especially as the virus can increase blood clotting. Instead, he recommends opting for unsaturated fatty acids, the main source of which is vegetable oils.

13 декабря, 2021 13:51

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