Political expert Davlatov: Extremist and Terrorist Movements Are Not Exclusive to Developing Countries

10 января, 2022 14:23

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DUSHANBE, 10.01.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Events in Kazakhstan show that extremist and terrorist movements can also arise in economically developing countries. This was stated by the head of the Information Support Department of the Center for Strategic Research Zubaydullo Davlatov in his article in connection with the events in Kazakhstan.

According to Davlatov, extremists and terrorists more often involve vulnerable groups (youth, women, unemployed citizens, labor migrants) and disseminate their teachings among them.

He proposes to the relevant state bodies to intensify information and explanatory work and reduce employment of vulnerable segments of society.

“Extremist and terrorist activity in Kazakhstan has created a new situation that can undermine many projects of economic development in the region. This situation calls into question the economic relations between the Central Asian republics formed as a result of many years of effort by diplomats, and may hinder the implementation of economic development and communication projects in the region,” Davlatov emphasized.

He also notes that acts by extremists and terrorists do nothing but harm the economy, society and social stability of the region.

10 января, 2022 14:23

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