Minister of Finance Kahhorzoda: Volume of Tajikistan’s GDP Grew

19 июля, 2022 10:02

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DUSHANBE, 19.07.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – For the first half of 2022, the volume of Tajikistan’s GDP amounted to 46.2 billion somoni, and the growth rate was 7.4%. This was announced by the Minister of Finance Fayziddin Kahhorzoda at a press conference yesterday.

He noted that the total volume of budget revenues, taking into account the attracted financial resources intended for the implementation of state investment projects (SIP), and special funds of state departments, was fulfilled by 102%.

The budget plan of Tajikistan for 6 months of 2022 was fulfilled by 4.2%, the regional budget plan — by 5%. The budget received 6.3 billion and 3.8 billion somoni, respectively.

Expenses in the areas for six months amounted to: 591.2 million somoni for government, 2.8 billion somoni for education, 1.1 billion somoni for health care, 813.9 million somoni for utility costs, 465.8 million somoni for culture and sports , 2.4 somoni — fuels and lubricants and energy, 361.4 million somoni agriculture, 100 million somoni construction and industry, 925.1 million somoni — transport and communications.

The minister also said that 46.3% of GDP is public debt — as of July 1, 2022, the debt of the republic was $ 3.7 billion.

According to Kahhorzoda, in order to timely fulfill state obligations to external creditors, 1.3 billion somoni was paid out of budgetary funds, of which the principal debt was 926 million somoni.

19 июля, 2022 10:02

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