Thirty Cooperation Agreements Were Signed Pamir-Invest 2022 Forum

19 августа, 2022 16:19

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DUSHANBE, 19.08.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – As part of the Pamir-Invest 2022 International Forum of Entrepreneurship and Investments, which was held from August 17 through August 18 in Khorug, 30 cooperation agreements worth more than 950 million somoni were signed between domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

The agreements were signed in various priority areas of the economy, such as the food industry, the production of building materials, the processing of decorative stones, agriculture, the construction of intensive gardens, greenhouses, transport services and tourism, which provide a favorable environment for the development of the economy of this remote and high-mountainous region of Tajikistan.

The forum was aimed to attract investment in the development of the economic and social spheres of this mountainous region and present the investment opportunities of Badakhshon to domestic and foreign investors.

The forum consisted of various sectors, such as industry, energy, tourism, its participants discussed ways to attract investment in the development of the economy of Badakhshan.

19 августа, 2022 16:19

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