President Emomai Rahmon and Speaker Rustam Emomali Attend Opening of New Buildings of Tajik State Institute of Languages and Nuriddin Gymnasium in Dushanbe

27 сентября, 2022 11:20

DUSHANBE, 27.09.2022 (NIAT Khovar) –  The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon attended the opening of new buildings of the State Institute of Languages of Tajikistan named after Sotim Ulughzoda. They held a meeting with institute teachers, staff, and its students ahead of Language Day.

While congratulating the participats with the opening of the buildings and the upcoming State Language Day which is celebrated annually on October 5, President Rahmon expressed his opinion on the need to adopt the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan «On the State Language,» and the «Program of Development of State Language for 2020-2030,» and strengthening the status of the state language.

He noted that language plays an extremely important and fateful role in the process of establishing a national state as the primary element and foundational pillar of statehood.

While expressing the government’s efforts to provide favorable conditions for education and upbringing and a decent life for teenagers and young people, including with the construction of new educational facilities, the training of highly qualified teaching staff, and the adoption of state programs in the field of education, President Rahmon stated that now graduates of the State Institute of Languages are successfully working in all corners of the country and beyond, including the United Nations and other influential international organizations, as well as Tajik embassies in foreign countries.

He instructed the government to promote the study of the language, history, culture and geography of Tajikistan in institutions of all forms of education, where studies are conducted in the language of ethnic minorities.

«In order to ensure the access of the population to world literature, especially scientific, and to present the culture of Tajik people in foreign languages through historical, cultural and artistic works of the country’s scientists, it is necessary to create a separate center for the translation of scientific and artistic works,» he noted.

He instructed the government to consider the issue of establishing the National Translation Center and prepare and approve the necessary legal documents within three months.

He also noted that since gaining state independence, the government of Tajikistan has paid special attention to the issue of teaching foreign languages, and has adopted national programs to improve the teaching of foreign languages. Currently, the implementation of the state program for the improvement of teaching and learning of Russian and English languages for the period up to 2030, which began in January 2021, is ongoing.

He emphasized that our scientists need to strive to ensure that the Tajik language «steps with the times,» bring it to a high level, and use all the possibilities of the Tajik language to express the latest scientific and technical terms.

Likewise he jssued instructions to pay special attention to teaching historical and cultural values of Tajik people in educational institutions in order to bring up future generations of patriots.

After the meeting with teachers and students, President Rahmon and Speaker Emomali took part in the opening ceremony of the building of the Nuriddin Gymnasium in Firdavsi district. The Nuriddin Gymnasium was built by the initiative of domestic entrepreneur Abdurrahmon Kosimov.

27 сентября, 2022 11:20

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