R. Musoeva: “Tajik people trusts its Leader, because the peace and accord in the country are achieved thanks to his political will and personal contribution”

16 декабря, 2015 13:36

Dushanbe, 16.12.2015. (NIAT “Khovar”). – On December 9 a significant event happened for our country, Majlisi namoyandagon adopted the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On the Founder of the peace and national unity – Leader of the nation”. In this regard, the correspondent of NIAT “Khovar” held a conversation with the Chairman of the Association of power engineers of Tajikistan, candidate of technical sciences, Honored Worker of Science of Tajikistan, the former party and state personality of the republic in the 90s  Rafika Musoeva.

NIAT “Khovar”: What was the basis for the adoption of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On the Founder of peace and national unity — the Leader of the nation”?

R. Musoeva: The status of the Leader of the nation is not someone divorced from reality, idea or far-fetched someone a political course. Public Institute of the Leader of the nation is present in Tajikistan, it is an existing fact and status, which has long been real, de facto, has the President of our country Emomali Rahmon, the status of which had long already given him the Tajik people. Majlisi namoyandagon of the Republic of Tajikistan in its decision de jure, has anchored the introduction of the Institute of Leader of the nation that is already approved in the world and the presence in Tajikistan.

Here I want to emphasize that the Leader of the nation is the one who is able to take full responsibility for the fate of his people! Now then, Emomali Rahmon is precisely that person who at a critical historic stage has found the strength, courage and determination to take responsibility for the fate of the Tajik people and got up at the head of a sovereign state.

As we know, Tajikistan achieved independence on the wave of sharp political struggle, aggravated by the civil war. This is a real shock degradation, huge social upheaval, costs and losses. The short history of the independence of the country is already full of loud resignations of experienced and seasoned politicians from post of the head of state. The people of Tajikistan stood at a critical lineament.

And at this very critical and fatal moment of the history of our young independent state, we, the deputies of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan on the 16th session, have made an exceptionally correct and a deliberate step, electing head of state, the Chairman of the Supreme Council Emomali Rahmon.

Namely he is, the young leader, had already proven himself as a real Leader, with a strongly marked will, strong principles, selflessly devoted to his chosen cause, able to take responsibility, to solve problems, however complex they were, could lead the country.

The Leader of the nation is the person, who is responsible for everything that happens in the country and enjoying the people’s full trust. Popular trust to Emomali Rahmon is the reality of political life of the country. Everything is connected with his name in Tajikistan. All main strategic decisions in the country for the years of independence were initiated and happened with the direct participation of the Head of state Emomali Rahmon.

This is a rallying of fragmented society, the preservation of the statehood, the cessation of civil war, the strengthening of independence and sovereignty, establishment of peace and Accord in the country, the achievement of real pluralism in the society, the introduction of democratic principles of governance, ensuring sustainable economic development. These are our achievements, and we have to speak on these with pride.

For the years of formation and development of sovereign state the President of Tajikistan proved himself as a purposeful and decisive Leader. I, as a member of his team, a participant and eyewitness of the events, I want to note how Emomali Rahmon keenly worried for the fulfillment of his initiatives, how at the hardest political moments he first met the danger and was ready to sacrifice himself in the name of saving the lives of ordinary people of the country. Our Leader the native of the most national depths, so well understood the problems and feelings of ordinary people.

On the first day of his election Emomali Rahmon, speaking before deputies, said that he would do everything to bring to the long-suffering people of his country peace and tranquility. He promised to return all Tajik refugees to the native land, to stop the fratricidal war, to restore accord and national unity. These words were waited by every Tajikistani. The Head of state has fulfilled these promises.

NIAT “Khovar”: What are the main merits of Emomali Rahmon before the people and the country?

R. Musoeva: By the personal initiative of the President of the country the Constitution of the independent Tajikistan is developed and adopted on the referendum. The institution of strong presidential power stated in the Constitution of the country, provided political stability and sustainable economic development of our country. For two decades the institution of the presidency was a pivotal element of the Tajik statehood, as well as a reliable support for the comprehensive reforms in the country.

For this period, a national currency and such attributes of a sovereign state, like the flag, emblem and anthem are introduced. Created the Armed forces of Tajikistan, on all perimeter of the country legislatively framed the state border, which is guarded by national border troops.

Due to consistently and persistently holding of pivotal line in Emomali Rahmon’s policy on the establishment of peace and accord in the country, exclusively difficult inter-Tajik dialogue, which began by his initiative and was ended on 27 June 1997 with the signing in Moscow “The general agreement on peace and national accord in Tajikistan”.

An unprecedented desire for the establishment of peace and accord in the country — here the main essence of the policy pursued by President Emomali Rahmon, with which our Head of state, Leader of the nation, connects the country’s future. The peace, in turn, is the stability, the solution of socio — economic problems, the use of all natural resources and potential of our God-gifted country.

Absolutely realistic and timely plans of our President on achievement of energy and food security, development of communication infrastructure in the country and overcoming the transport deadlock, his personal contribution to the solution of these problems, today at many people, especially at the people of Tajikistan, cause approval and support. Realization of these fatal strategic tasks will give a powerful impulse to the development of the country and will go down as one more phenomenon of the President’s policies in its history.

Thanks to the President’s initiatives on reforming of economy, foreign companies, and together with them — investment and new technologies came to the country. Entrepreneurship is developing. New facilities, industrial plants, highways and tunnels, hydroelectric power plants are put into operation, modernization and reconstruction of acting is carried out, renovation of roads, schools, hospitals, the improvement and gardening of the cities and villages, and hundreds of thousands of new jobs are created. All these are the basis of socio-economic development of our country and improve the living standards of the population.

It should be noted that Emomali Rahmon, for the years of independence of our country in all spheres has revived the spirit of our people, its national consciousness, moral and spiritual values, traditions, and its cultural and historical heritage.

Actively supporting and participating in the positive processes, occurring in society, our Leader, Emomali Rahmon, has set himself the task to make the republic more recognizable on the world scene. His initiatives on water issues have received support from the international community. Foreign policy was aimed in every possible cooperation with the international community and carrying out a consistent multi-vector foreign policy.

The Leader of the state gave and gives the special role to the creation of the national security system, taking into account the geopolitical and economic situation of the country, the fight against all kinds of extremism and terrorism. The President warns that the global test time began, when changing the whole architecture of the world. Worthily to overcome this hard phase can only stable States, solid people.

23 years ago, we under the guidance of our Leader, Emomali Rahmon, took a way of real independence, independently creating our future. It was the dream of our ancestors, and we, our generation, had the honor to realize their innermost dreams into reality.

Perhaps, after many years, it will be possible to objectively assess this short, from the point of view of history, but a very turbulent phase of life our people led by its Leader Emomali Rahmon. I am sure that, having considered our situation in the world context, future independent historians and analysts say — Tajikistan was lucky with Emomali Rahmon, who at the most difficult moment for its history, led the country and managed it all these years.

NIAT “Khovar”: It would be interesting get to know your point of view, why in the first place people supports the President of Tajikistan, and in the second Law of Republic of Tajikistan “On the Founder of peace and national unity — the Leader of the nation”?

R. Musoeva: He rightfully entered in the history of Tajikistan, as an authoritative statesman, a personality of nationwide scale. For today, Emomali Rahmon is not just the President, but also the founder of the modern state — the Republic of Tajikistan, being in national consciousness the recognized Leader of the nation, the founder of peace and accord in the country. This social status of Emomali Rahmon, status of the Leader of the nation is stated in the adopted law.

Tajik people trusts its Leader, because peace, accord and unity, which became a political reality of our day, were achieved largely thanks to the political will and the personal contribution of Emomali Rahmon. Because, being the head of state in a difficult, sometimes full of tragedy, danger and heartrending trials years, he has not abandoned the most important principles necessary for the Leader of the state.

It is the hard work, complete dedication and devotion to chosen business, tenacity and will power, boldness, courage and fearlessness. This is the unique ability to unite the people, to motivate and inspire on achievement of the highest results, to consolidate the nation in the process of historical changes for the benefit of citizens and nationwide unity and accord in the country.

For these qualities Emomali Rahmon was elected the Head of state at the 16th session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan. These, not lost qualities, but multiplied over the years the qualities, allow to claim that today and henceforth, in any difficult, possibly critical periods of development of our state, the people of Tajikistan, headed by the Leader of the nation will be able to unite to achieve the common goals, to be consolidated for the future of our great state.

16 декабря, 2015 13:36

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