Nigeria’s Minister of Water Resources Suleiman Adamu: “Norak HPP is a grandiose facility, and the water quality is impressive”

23 июня, 2018 14:21

DUSHANBE, 23.06.2018 /NIAT “Khovar”/. “Norak HPP is a grandiose facility, and water quality is impressive”, — said Nigeria’s Minister of Water Resources Suleiman Adamu in an interview with Tajik journalists during his trip to Norak HPP.

Yesterday, June 22, following the International High-Level Conference on the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028, a cultural program and an excursion to Norak and Roghun HPPs, as well as to Hissor Fortress were organized for participants and guests.

The visit to Norak HPP, located on the Vakhsh River, was unforgettable for the guests. Under the sound of the carnival they were met by girls in national costumes and the management of this HPP. The guests were able to get acquainted with the beauties of the Norak reservoir, visit dam and the engine room, where specialists of this plant provided detailed information.

Nigeria’s Minister of Water Resources Suleiman Adamu in an interview with Tajik journalists, in particular, said: “I am an engineer in the field of civil engineering, and I understand how grandiose this facility is. The water quality is very impressive by sight. It is obvious that the water in this reservoir came from mountain glaciers. In my country, mostly clay sandstones, so the water in all reservoirs is brown, and here it is crystal turquoise. Pleasant to admire”.

Norak, Magdalena, Romania_0370+The fact that Norak reservoir is unique by its beauty and spaciousness is confirmed by the words of Romanian representative Magdalena Florensi, who, in an interview with NIAT “Khovar” correspondent, in particular, noted: “What we saw today in Tajikistan cannot be described by words. We just do not have words as far as beautiful your places. But, I can say for sure that it will remain in our memory for a long time. Just wonderful!”.

It should be noted that the main cultural event for foreign guests entitled “Culture Evening”, organized by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, was held on the evening of June 21 in one of the picturesque corners of Dushanbe city – “Boghi Iram” /Botanical Garden/. The guests had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with all variety of forms of the ancient cultural heritage of the Tajik people. The cultural and traditional corners of all regions of Tajikistan with a demonstration of originality, traditions and customs, handicrafts, clothing and performing arts were presented on the “Eastern Village” territory of Botanical Garden. Folklore musical groups from different parts of Tajikistan throughout the evening pleased the guests with spectacular and picturesque performances.

Along with this, the participants of this cultural event could get acquainted with the national Tajik cuisine, observe the process of cooking national dishes and enjoy the delights of national cuisine. In addition, the guests were able to purchase souvenirs made by craftsmen of Tajikistan.


Christina ERLICH,
NIAT “Khovar”

23 июня, 2018 14:21

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