Danger of Avalanches, Mudflows, Landslides and Rockfalls Remains in Tajikistan

6 июня, 2019 14:25

DUSHANBE, 06.06.2019. (NIAT Khovar) – Due to heavy precipitation, the danger of avalanches, mudflows, landslides and rockfalls remains in Tajikistan, reported the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (CESCD) under the government of Tajikistan.

On June 4, mudflows destroyed a residential building in the village of Ruzi Obnok near the city of Panjikent in Sughd. As a result, two Dushanbe resident who were visiting their relatives are dead and the search for a 55-year-old man continues.

The Emergency Commission of Panjikent and the rescuers of the Emergency Response Team of the CESCD for Zaravshon are working on the scene.

On June 5, intensive precipitations provoked a mudflow from the Rural Jamoat Lohur to the Obi Shifo village in the Rudaki district. As a result, 80 residential houses and other private property have been flooded. Mudflows also caused damage to arable land and the road. There were no casualties.

The First Deputy Chairman of the CESCD Rustam Shohiyon is at the disaster site to organize the work on the elimination of the damage.

In order to save lives and reduce the risk of natural disasters, the Emergency Commission of the Rudaki district evacuated the population of Jamoat Chorgultepa to safe places.

The special equipment, rescuers, soldiers and officers of the military unit of the CESCD are involved to eliminate consequences.

The unstable weather will continue until June 7, according to the Tajik Hydrometeorology Agency.

The CESCD warns against traveling to areas suseptible to avalanches and urges residents to be vigilant and cautious.

6 июня, 2019 14:25

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