Prime Minister Rasulzoda Chairs National Anti-Corruption Council’s Meeting

29 января, 2020 08:30

DUSHANBE, 29.01.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Yesterday, the Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda chaired the meeting of the Tajik National Anti-Corruption Council.

The meeting focused on four issues.

Rasulzoda said that since independence, the state and government of Tajikistan has been paying special attention to the fight against corruption.

“A lot of laws and strategies, including the Anti-Corruption Strategy of Tajikistan for 2013-2020, were adopted to prevent and fight corruption,” he noted.

The adoption and implementation of this strategy aimed at creating conditions for reducing the intensity of corruption and related crimes.

The strategy consists of 89 points, and monitoring of its implementation in 2019 in provinces, cities and districts, ministries, departments, organizations and institutions showed that 72 of the total points have been fully implemented.

The reports of the Director of the Agency for State Financial Control and Fight Against Corruption, Chief of the Defense and Law Enforcement Department of the Presidential Executive Office, Chairmen of Sughd and the Rudaki district on the state of strategy execution were also heard at the meeting.

Following the meeting, the Working Plan of the National Anti-Corruption Council meeting for 2020 was discussed and approved in order to implement the action plan of the “Anti-corruption Strategy of Tajikistan for 2013-2020”.

National Anti-Corruption Council’s Meeting

29 января, 2020 08:30

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