Baljuvon Develops as an International Tourism Zone

31 августа, 2020 16:09

DUSHANBE, 31.08.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – The issue relating to the tourism development in the region and preparations for the post-crisis season were discussed at the Tourism Development Forum in Baljuvon district.

The forum was organized by the Committee for Tourism Development in collaboration with Baljuvon administration.

The forum was attended by the Committee Chairman Shirin Amonzoda, district’s Chairman Sherali Jalilzoda, relevant officials of the tourism industry, entrepreneurs and active residents.

The forum was aimed at implementing President Emomali Rahmon’s instructions on the industry’s development in the regions, identifying existing opportunities, preparations for the post-crisis season, as well as the development of new information and tourism materials and other issues relating to tourism.

Amonzoda noted that a lot of work has been done to create tourism infrastructure in Baljuvon, and these efforts have increased the tourist attraction of the district.

Baljuvon has a very beautiful and unique nature, pleasant weather, plants and healing springs that can be used for tourism development.

The development of ecological, mountain hiking, hunting, and cultural tourism is typical for this mountainous region.

While considering Baljuvon’s unique nature, favorable climate and ancient cultural and historical monuments, the government has declared its territory an international tourism zone.

Per committee’s initiative in collaboration with local authorities, a lot of promotion events have been held in this district in order to implement the goals of the Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts, as well as to attract more domestic and foreign tourists.

Baljuvon’s tourist infrastructure is developing year by year and currently the district has seven hotels, four museums, two travel agencies, 43 historical and cultural monuments.

The forum focused on the existing problems that hinder the industry’s development in the region.

Following the forum, the leadership and responsible persons got acquainted with the tourism opportunities of Baljuvon and visited Sari Khosor, the historical and ethnographic museum of the Sari Khosor rural community, monuments and historical fortresses.

31 августа, 2020 16:09

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