Domestic Journalists Visited the Tourist and Mountaineering Area of Moskvina

15 августа, 2020 11:15

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DUSHANBE, 15.08.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Yesterday, per initiative of the Committee for Tourism Development and Kullahoi Tojik travel agency, a press tour was organized for domestic journalists in the tourist and mountaineering area of Moskvina.

The infrastructure and favorable conditions for mountaineers have been created in this area as a mountain tourist camp. The area can accommodate up to 100 travelers at a time.

The area is about 4300 meters above sea level, where six high and eye-catching peaks of Tajikistan are clearly visible, including Dushanbe, Ozodi and Ismoili Somoni.

Kullahoi Tojik officials intend to host the first foreign alpinist group next year after the stabilization of the global pandemic situation.

A group of tourists will go to the Moskvina area by buses to the airport of the Lakhsh district, and then by helicopter within 20 minutes will be delivered to the tourist and mountaineering camp.

Per government’s support and thanks to the Committee’s measures in this area, an international mountaineering expedition takes place annually in this area in order to conquer the Ismoili Somoni peak.

15 августа, 2020 11:15

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