State Institution Formation and Development of Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan Opened in Dushanbe

16 сентября, 2020 09:31

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DUSHANBE, 16.09.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Yesterday, the building of the State Institution Formation and Development of Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan, created under the State Committee for Investments and State Property Management, was officially opened in Dushanbe.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Committee’s Chairman Farrukh Hamralizoda, Japanese Ambassador Takayuki Miyashita, Head of the United Nations Development Program in Tajikistan (UNDP) Pratibha Mehta, representatives of the Presidential Executive Office as well as heads of relevant ministries and departments.

In his speech Hamralizoda noted that the government of Tajikistan under the leadership of President Emomali Rahmon attaches great importance to the development of entrepreneurship and created a favorable basis for the development of entrepreneurship in this direction.

It was emphasized that entrepreneurship is one of the priority areas, on which the country’s socio-economic development largely depends. It is thanks to the state independence and the country’s calm atmosphere that this vital sphere is expanding every day.

“President Emomali Rahmon, in his Address to the Parliament on December 26, 2018, while speaking about increasing the level of legal, financial and economic knowledge of entrepreneurs, assisting in the development of commercial projects and finding ways to implement them, especially for newly created business entities, and attracting youth to entrepreneurial activity, emphasized the need to create educational institutions that simultaneously fulfill the tasks of a training center for entrepreneurs,” mentioned Hamralizoda.

He added that in this regard, per President’s initiative and in order to support young entrepreneurs and the development of small and medium-sized businesses through methodological, informational, educational, legal and financial services by the governmental decree, the State Institution Formation and Development of Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan was created at the State Committee for Investments and State Property Management.

With the aim of wide coverage of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with sectoral activities its branches, departments and divisions function in various cities, including Bokhtar, Kulob, Khujand, Konibodom, Khorugh. Since the beginning of its activity to the present day, the institution has made a significant contribution to raising the level of education of young people.

More than 300 trainings, open seminars, extended forums with the participation of successful entrepreneurs were held, to which a large number of young people who have taken up entrepreneurship were invited.

Co-working spaces have been created inside the new building for the activities of young and novice entrepreneurs, that is, temporary jobs for promising startups. They consist of 30 jobs and have a range of opportunities. Here, young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to enter a favorable business environment, regularly use professional advice and have access to investors.

Business start-ups have the opportunity to improve or defend their projects for three months at pitch sessions or seminars that are held every three months at the invitation of donors. They will also receive detailed information on the development and progress of entrepreneurship.

The conference hall is designed for 50 seats, where trainings and seminars on various topics are held twice a week in accordance with the training program.
“We are attracting professional entrepreneurs to participate in Startup Talks in order to share our successful experience with young entrepreneurs,” said the director of the State Institution Formation and Development of Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan Dilshod Jurazoda.

He added that in collaboration with partners, a number of training events have already been held with the participation of young entrepreneurs.

“There is a green corner in the building — a place for guests to relax and organize bilateral negotiations. There is also a consulting center to facilitate the work of entrepreneurs,” informed Jurazoda.

According to him, entrepreneurs in this center have the opportunity to use legal advice, tax, accounting, financial and other services. Here professional consultants are involved and consultations are carried out on the organization of an enterprise, taxation, customs, investigations by state bodies, as well as state services.

The State Institution Formation and Development of Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan gives an opportunity to young people who are interested in entrepreneurial activity, strive to realize their entrepreneurial ideas, but do not know where and how to start. The institution plays an effective role in improving the skills of young entrepreneurs, enlightening entrepreneurship, in methodological and advisory support for young entrepreneurs.

16 сентября, 2020 09:31

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