Dushanbe Residents Took Up Nordic Walking

12 ноября, 2020 13:54

DUSHANBE, 12.11.2020 (NIAT Khovar) – Nordic walking is the way to longevity — under this motto on November 11 an action devoted to a healthy lifestyle was held in Dushanbe. The capital’s residents of retirement age walked along the central streets. It was a call to take up a new sport.

The action was organized by Hamdilon — Optima Active Longevity Club. It passed along Rudaki Avenue from the Pedagogical University to the Boghi Iram Park. During the route, the organizers handed out information leaflets, explained to the residents what Nordic walking is and what health benefits it has. Following the action, the participants were presented with gifts.

“I am proud to say that such an action is taking place in our country for the first time. I must say that we were the first in the country to do Nordic n walking two years ago. Now, by Muzaffar Charitable Foundation support, we have opened a Nordic Walking School in the Institution for Assistance to Pensioners and Disabled People in Dushanbe. Here we have trained 5 trainers from the staff and residents of this institution. Dozens of retirees attending school, who are over 60 years old, have been presented with special Nordic sticks for further studies,” said the head of Hamdilon-Optima Active Longevity Club Zulaykho Igamova.

According to Igamova, the club will open similar schools in other social institutions of the capital in the future.

“In fact, Nordic walking isn’t just for older people. It is useful for people of all ages. We, as people of the older generation, wanted to encourage young people to strengthen their physical and mental health now. In order to stay vigorous, energetic and healthy closer to retirement age,” said Igamova.

12 ноября, 2020 13:54

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