What Do Weather Forecasters Predict on New Year’s eve?

24 декабря, 2020 16:39

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DUSHANBE, 24.12.2020 (NIAT Khovar) – Snow is not expected during the New Year holiday in Tajikistan. The information was provided by the head of the Hydrometeorological Center Jamila Baydullaeva.

So far it has snowed four times.

According to Baydullaeva, despite the fact that until today there was little rainfall, compared to previous years, the weather has been quite cold.

“The weather this December has been 2-4 degrees colder relative to previous years in different regions. Additionally, for the first time in eastern Pamir near Murghob temperatures have dropped to -53°C in December. This temperature can be called abnormal,” said Baydullaeva.

However, snowfall is expected on December 26.

Baydullaeva expects slight cloudiness for the New Year day, up to 5-6°C.

24 декабря, 2020 16:39

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