Tajikistan Invites the SCO States to Jointly Monitor the Development of the Situation in Afghanistan Following US Withdrawal of Troops

25 июня, 2021 10:42

DUSHANBE, 25.06.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – The Deputy Director of the Center for Strategic Studies Parviz Muhammadzoda proposed to conduct joint monitoring and analysis of the possible development of the situation after the start of the withdrawal of the US-led coalition forces from Afghanistan. This proposal was made at the International Conference “Twenty Years of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Memories and Prospects,” which took place from June 24 through June 25.

In order to prevent challenges and threats to security, as well as for further development of the organization, he noted the need to work out a mechanism for multilateral response to threats emanating from terrorist organizations based in the north-east and north-west of Afghanistan, as well as to speed up the consideration of the initiative of President Emomali Rahmon on the establishment of the SCO Anti-Drug Center in Dushanbe.

Muhammadzoda noted that the SCO is of particular importance to Tajikistan, since it stood at the origins of its formation and establishment.

“Tajikistan sees great potential in this structure, which allows for a significant increase in the level of regional cooperation,” he noted in the first section “Twenty Years of the SCO: Rich Experience of the Organization and.”

Muhammadzoda also expressed confidence that Tajikistan, in close and constructive partnership with other SCO states, will be able to successfully interact in the name of sustainable development and prosperity of the peoples inhabiting the SCO space.

The conference was organized by the Center for the Study of the SCO of China (at the Chinese Academy of International Issues), the Center for International Legal Training and Cooperation for the SCO (at the Shanghai Political and Law University), the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and the SCO Secretariat in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The conference, which was attended by international experts, diplomats and public figures of the SCO member states, summed up the results of the 20 year development of the organization and focused on the current state and prospects of the SCO development.

25 июня, 2021 10:42

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