Mudflows Cause Casualties and Destruction

21 июля, 2021 10:08

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DUSHANBE, 21.07.2021. (NIAT Khovar) – Mudflows in Tajikistan resuted in casualties, damage to houses, roads, bridges, power lines, and livestock.

On July 19, as a result of torrential rains, mudflows descended in four districts of Sughd region.

At about 15:30, mudflows occurred in the village of Dashti Kozi in Panjikent. According to preliminary data, 15 residential buildings, household plots, 3 km of an inter-village road were partially damaged, 35 large and small cattle were killed. The local population at about 17:30 removed the bodies of two women from the mud mass.

On the summer pasture of the Kishtudak village, located at an altitude of about 30 km from the Dashti Kozi, ten people grazing cattle fell into the mudflow. During the rescue operation, bodies of eight residents of the Kishtudak village were removed from the mud masses. The search for two more continues.

Mudflows were also recorded in the Vashan village of the Ayni disstrict. According to preliminary data, as a result of mudflows 4 km of a country road, two bridges, power lines were damaged. Basements of eight residential buildings and household plots are partially filled with mud-stone mass. There are no casualties.

On the same day, mudflows resulted after intense rain in the villages of Pastigav, Hadishahr, Tit, Rogif, and Revemutk of the Kuhistoni Mastchoh district. Eight residential buildings, eight auxiliary structures, 10 km of a road, 20 hectares of arable land, two bridges were damaged. There are no casualties.

On July 19, at 17:30, mudflows were recorded in the villages of Rosrovut and Nekt of Devashtich district. Fifteen residential buildings, country roads and household plots were partially damaged. There are also no casualties.

In order to eliminate the consequences of mudflows, regional emergency commissions are working on the ground. Special equipment has been allocated.

The work is currently underway to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters.

21 июля, 2021 10:08

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