Tajik Servicemen Will Take Part in the International Army Games ARMI-2021

20 августа, 2021 16:11

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DUSHANBE, 20.08.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – About one hundred servicemen of Tajikistan will take part in the International Army Games ARMI-2021, reported the chief of the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense Faridun Mahmadalizoda.

Tajik servicemen will take part in five ARMI-2021 competitions.

Tajik tankers will take part in the Tank Biathlon competition, which will be held at the Alabino training ground near Moscow.

Tajik snipers will compete for the title of the best in Belarus, they will also go to the competition of artillerymen in Kazakhstan.

The military medics competition and the Field Kitchen competition will be held in Uzbekistan, where representatives of Tajikistan will also take part.

20 августа, 2021 16:11

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